Research areas

Identification and Assessment

These research areas have a methodology that dialogues between the exact and the social sciences. Its purpose is to identify and have deep knowledge about the patrimonial asset from its material composition, invoice techniques, production; as well as the historical and artistic value that it had within the culture that created and protects it.
  • Material characterization
  • Analysis of construction and structural techniques
  • Analysis of production processes
  • Historical-artistic studies
Identification and Assessment


Based on the scientific study of the objects and its historical context, these lines of research are dedicated to the knowledge of the processes and controls applied to the conservation of heritage assets in order to ensure their safeguarding.
  • Collections management
  • Materials and techniques for conservation
  • Environmental monitoring

Dissemination and Socialization

In order to strengthen the identities and socialization of heritage assets, these research lines focus on the dissemination of knowledge from curatorial or museum projects, academic training and those where society is the axis of sustainability.
  • Curatorship and Museography
  • Training and education
  • Social projection and participatory management
Dissemination and Socialization