Multidisciplinary study of the viceregal altarpiece in Cuzco

Given the lack of general and particular studies on the Peruvian viceregal altarpieces, specifically on those of Cusco, the interest was born to approach the study of these heritage assets. The project contemplates the realization of a historical-artistic and material investigation that achieves, through the use of the tools that technology offers us, to identify the formal, material and constructive characteristics of the viceregal altarpieces of Cusco. To this end, the objects of the Andean Baroque Route have been selected as objects of study due to the varied typology and temporality that it offers us. All the information collected will bring us closer to knowing this property and will allow us to propose a Preventive Conservation Manual applicable, both to the religious precincts studied, as well as for the conservation of the Cusco viceregal altarpiece in general.


José Andrés De Leo Martínez / Diana Castillo Cerf​

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