Biocides and pest control in heritage objects

This project in collaboration with the Pachacamac Museum, of the Ministry of Culture, seeks to identify and disseminate the most common pests present in collections in Peru and find a simple, non-toxic and effective solution against insects through an active substance obtained from plant extracts from native plants and polymeric materials, which will be formulated using sustainable processes.

This project seeks to use extracts of tarwi, an Andean plant that is traditionally used to deter insects, to develop coatings that can be used indirectly to function as repellants or insecticides. Tarwicorp company washing effluents are being used as input, so we are committed to the reuse of waste and the circular economy.

Below we present the catalog of insect pests for collections that can be found in the Pachacamac Museum. Some of the most common insects, their identification characteristics and the organic material they put at risk are shown. It is the intention of this project to continue this glossary and expand it slowly to include all the insects that cause deterioration of heritage that can be found in cultural institutions in Peru.


Angelica Isa / Diana Carolina Parada



Eliana Quispitupac / Marilyn Palomino