Study of deterioration of viceregal pigments

Cristóbal Lozano is a benchmark of 18th century Lima painting, praised by his contemporaries and prominent in the history of viceregal art. His pictorial production, which covered religious themes and portraits, was able to respond to the demands of religious institutions in Lima, the viceregal court and the Lima elites. From a corpus of works preserved in the Archbishop Museum of Lima, the project aims to characterize the pigments used by Lozano and his pictorial technique.

In order to design preventive conservation strategies, the processes of color alteration and fading will be studied. against environmental conditions of visible light and extreme relative humidity. Using non-destructive methods, his pictorial technique will be analyzed and it is planned to project the research towards a comparative study with works by Marcos Zapata, a contemporary artist who is a reference from another productive center in the Viceroyalty of Peru, such as Cusco.


Rosanna Kuon / Lucila Iglesias 

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Ishmat Shah / Diana Castillo / Andrés de Leo