About us

The UTEC Research Center for Heritage Conservation is an interdisciplinary academic space in which professionals from both the social and the exact sciences converge. Our objective is to contribute to the valuation of cultural heritage through research, the training of professionals and the dissemination of knowledge, seeking the participation of society. Using a heritage value chain as a guide, the Center defines three areas of research and development:

​1. Identification and Significance

2. Conservation

3. Dissemination and Socialization

These areas articulate lines of research from various disciplines of the exact sciences and engineering, as well as the social sciences, which are applied to cultural heritage:

  • Material characterization
  • Analysis of construction and structural techniques
  • Analysis of production processes
  • Historical-artistic studies
  • Curatorship and Museography
  • Training and education
  • Social projection and participatory management


To protect and value the Peruvian cultural heritage through interdisciplinary scientific research, academic training and dissemination. The Center is an academic space that articulates initiatives for research and conservation of heritage, which contribute to its sustainability, to the strengthening of identities and to the participation of society.


To be an interdisciplinary research center specialized in the scientific study of heritage in coordination with society. The Center has the human and technological resources necessary to articulate the contributions of the exact and social sciences, which will position it as a reference for research, local management, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage at a regional and international level.


Centro de Investigación y Conservación del Patrimonio

Jr. Medrano Silva 165 Barranco, Lima 04, Peru

Mail: centropatrimonio@utec.edu.pe

T.: (+511) 230 5000 anexo 4220